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This guide is made for the customers who are not familiar with the Korean language. You can easily finish the payment with following below step by step procedures.

The first page of payment module

1.The first page of credit card payment module.

Click button , the 3rd button from the top.

When you have only the credit cards published in Korea, choose other buttons except the last one.

If you want to cancel the payment, just click button at any time.

The second page before click "foreign"

2.Choose the "foreign card" to reduce input fields.

Click radio button. That is the last button of 7th row from the top.

The 8th(card password) and 9th( SSN) rows need for the credit cards published in Korea. After click button, the rows will be erased.

The briefed second page

3.Fill up the form.

Enter the credit card numbers at the 4th row from the top started with the letter Card Number.

Select expired date at the 5th row from the top started with the letter Expiry Date. The first field is for month and the second is for year.

Do not touch 7th and 8th rows. They are required for domestic customers or can make you confusing.

The briefed second page

4.Click " O K " button after entering the fields.

Click button, the middle button of the bottom row, after checking whether the vaules is correct.

Error messages can be shown when you entered unsuitable characters.

Confirm page of credit card information

5.Click " O K" button after reviewing the values.

Review that your writting is correct and click button on the bottom.

If you want to cancel the payment and start from the first, click button below.

6.Payment completed successfully.

If you see the same as left image, it means that you payment ended successfully.

Cedit card receipt can be printed by clicking the "Pint The Receipt" button.

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